KScope is the annual conference by the Oracle Development Tools User Group ODTUG.
About 300 sessions in 3.5 days, MOnday through Thursday. Plus the Sunday-symposiums, the hands-on labs, thee Deep Dive Sessions, Lunch and learn and more.

To be able to feel a little better about yourself, there is the opportunity to voluntaraly participate in the Community Service Project on Satermorning. Past years I helped battle invasive species in a park and helped with maintenance (painting, ) geholpen bij onderhoud (schilderen, gardening) on a high school and a Boys and Girls Club.

But you know what they say about all work and no play?
Well, networking, meeting old and new friends from all over the world, the welcome reception, the possibility to speak to people you only know from their blog, the events on mondaynight and the always spectacular wednesdaynight Special Event.
Trust me, if your name is Jack, you won’t be a dull boy.

The KScope pages mentioned below contain lists of sessions.
On this site you can also find plqsl code that allows you to query these sessions from the sites using SQL.
The code for this can be found in the “Download” section of this site.

YearPeriodLocationKScope pageMy KScope page
2016June 26-30Chicago, IllinoisKScope16Not yet available
2015June 21-25Hollywood, FloridaKScope15KScope15
2014June 22-26Seattle, WashingtonKScope14KScope14
2013June 23-27New Orleans, LouisianaKScope13KScope13
2012June 24-28San Antonio, TexasKScope12 (Not available anymore)KScope12