KScope14, Seattle
The Washington State Convention Center "Convention Place, Do not enter". Well, nothing will keep me away from my KScope Yep, that's where you can find KScope this year The Washington State Convention Center I love  Seattle. Hotels that actually have a 13th floor! Assembling at 07:30 am in a Winebar. For Comunity Service Day, of course
Starting our field trip Enjoying the thought of a day away from mom and dad... Steven Feuerstein had to attend since it was his idea to do 'something with nature' this year Attention please.  Prety please? Why do they turn their back to the tools? Isn't this Oracle Development TOOLS USER GROUP? Where have they gone?
Mental preparation for some hard work The workingfloor Instructions on what is and what isn't invasive species Working to restore the forest in the West Duwamish Greenbelt Does this one have to go too? Being meticulous
Best practices Liking a challenge Quick, here comes the warden, pretend to be working!!! I've lost my shovel. Here, you can lean on mine for a while Almost ready here The younger generations know about the importance of nature too.
No, Steven, that is NOT an invasive tree. Like ODTUG stated it: "you will realize the culmination of community, art, and nature as musicians play in the forest while you work to better the environment" Music for the working-class Blue screen of death for invasive species Typical nerds lunch After community service, on my way to register
Saterday afternoon, the best time for registration. So quiet then. Got my goodies bag and my nametag. All set to go. This will be my 'execution room' later this week No more activities? Have they already cancelled my presentation? If it's busy in the restrooms, at least the wait is comfortable. The Database and Developer's Toolkit Sunday Symposium
The Database and Developer's Toolkit Sunday Symposium Debra Lilley using Google Glass as an excuse to wink at Alex Nuijten The world championship soccer was viewed more by americans than I expected On my way to the Speaker Appreciation Reception in the Sheraton Speaker Appreciation Reception. Where we are being thanked for the sacrifices we make. Excuse me? My latest Oraclenerd goody
After the speakers reception, there's the welcome reception. Ahh, the sacrifices we have to make. And suddenly men drink wine in stead of beer. I must admit: this is the way wine should be served. Always. Had to much wine. The space needle is walking around... The famous Seattle flying fish were also present. Rodolfo and Rafael, and some guy in a yellow shirt
If Hyperion makes you this calm while walking past that 'wine', I'm glad I do my work in the database. It may look tasty, but the food is actually a litter lower than where you're looking. Good food. Another person who does not want to be recognized when wearing a Hyperion shirt Rodolfo says: Thumbs up! Maurice Mellaard talking about his low T-levels being cured by KScope
International friendship Rodolfo says: uuu duuu bluu waaahhh I agree with Rodolfo The absolutely crazy Estonian guy meets Bryn Llewellyn Hey, it's not just wine and food. General session and keynote.
General session and keynote. ODTUG Monty Patrick, Content lead and not present. Such a shame. What we all were waiting for: the location of the next one. Art at tuesday happy hour
Speaker ready room People are actually droppping in for my session Bryn Llewellyn and Jonathan Lewis among the crowd for my presentation About to enter the Experience Music Project for the Wednesday night Special Event Party time, excellent! Party on, Wayne.
Ace Frehley Monty Rafael and Dave Schleis There are some strange people in the Oracle Realm First band of the night, the 70's And great dancers
The only thing missing for the retro feeling was LSD Psychedelic Peter Criss and Ace Frehley Like I said before: absolutely crazy Estonian dude Some acrobatics Same faces, but second band, the 80's.
And more dancing Dress up awards And the winner is.... Some more acrobatics Again same faces, third band, the 90's More great dancing
Space Needle at night, after the Special Event Closing session: better listen to uncle Mike Announcement of the best first time speaker this year. What? Not me? Seattle, Smith Tower Seattle, Smith Tower Just a nice little square
Chess for the visually challenged The origin of the towns name Pioneer Building Wonder what that bell is hanging from Take your bike with you on a bus-ride. We don't even have that in bicycle country The Netherlands Rachel the Piggy Bank
The Market Theater Gum Wall The Market Theater Gum Wall The Market Theater Gum Wall The Market Theater Gum Wall Ferris wheel at Puget Sound Seafood restaurant without plates. Just pick your food from the table, crush it with a wooden hammer and eat it.
The solution for jammed city-centres: make traffic go underground Pike Place Market Inside Pike Place Market Inside Pike Place Market Inside Pike Place Market Pike Place Market
Beecher's Cheesefactory Beecher's handmade cheese. It doesn't look like it yet, but it's going to be delicious First Starbucks Waiting for your coffee is made enjoyable If you came for coffee, don't go to the first ever starbucks. There's another Starbucks around the corner which serves in minutes. And the line for the first ever Starbucks goes on, and on ,and....
Pike Place You don't have to go to San Francisco for steep roads Post Alley Pike Place Market My wife opened a caffe in Seattle?? Very original rain drain
The space needle Seattle, Chief of the Suquamish The monorail Seattle Paramount Theatre Seattle, a view from above